Friday, December 9, 2011

Shimelle's 4x6 photo love October

I have been waiting for some spare time to finish this project off. I finally finished on a rainy day. A bad day for photography and the weather set in so please excuse the photography.

You probably all know by now what a fan of Shimelle's I am. I enjoy her style and her instructions. I have thoroughly enjoyed her 4x6 photo love series on 2 Peas. Ten, yes 10, photos in one session, on one page is awesome. She just makes things so easy to follow. She is such an inspiration. Thanks Shimelle.

And the other side.
The journaling. It's a travel page so of course there's lot of journaling.
And some more details.

I love this idea and I think I'll be using it a bit more especially in the kids albums next year. It was simple and quick to do, enough embellishing and lots of space for the story.

My next post will show you my scraproom plans. As I have just moved 1200kms I have the chance to set up my space the way I want it, allowing for finances too. I'll show you the bare room (well it's not bare it's actually full of boxes so I'll show you how much "stuff" I actually own in my stash) so you can see me build my room up to how I want it to be.
Until then.


  1. ooh what room will you use for the scrap room? Lucky you!! Love seeing your work Amo (Fuchsia).

  2. Hollie's old nursery is going to be the scrapping space - just as soon as I get the rest of my tools from Mum and start building!

  3. Wow! I love all of the photos here, you are doing an awesome job with this!!


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