Sunday, October 31, 2010

The last lot I think

Layout 16
Title 2nd Honeymoon

Layout 15: Bright Colours
Title: 2nd birthday
Got the theme and the sketch this time.
For some reason I can't post this pic the right way around. Must be something to do with the way i took the photo. Sorry everyone.

Layout 14: Moments Bestfriends
I thought my second honeymoon with my best friend was very fitting for this theme.
Title: Caloundra 2010

Layout 47: Design Creative Edges
Got both the sketch and the theme here too. I really liked this sketch and have had these photos for a few years now waiting to be scrapped.
Title: Cousins

 Sketch 29
Title Practically Perfect

Sketch 48
Title: Tired
Sorry about the orientation again. Can't fix it.

19/50 layouts completed. I'm pretty happy with that effort.
I didn't get the 50 layouts done but I got more done than I would have. It has been great to challenge myself and I love all the sketches too. I can't wait for the next bootcamp next year.
Thanks for stopping by.

Next installment of Bootcamp Layouts

Here is my next installment of Bootcamp layouts.
Check out what other people have done at Blue Bazaar.

Sketch 42
Title: First Santa Photos
I change the sketch a bit but I still kept the image of the tree. I only used one though.

Sketch 43: Floral paper.
Title: Hannah's baptism
Another one that I used the sketch and the theme for. This is Hannah's baptism. She was so small. Not even 5 days old.

Sketch 13: Circles.
Made it with circles on the paper, included the circle from the sketch too.
Title: 2

 The poor 2nd child always misses out. I finally did a page on her 2nd birthday. The other page that goes with this is somewhere in the 1200 photos on the camera. I will try to sort them tonight to get them uploaded.

Sketch 24
Merry Christmas
I had to cut the photo with the presents to make it fit the sketch but I think the cut photo works.

Sketch 33 & 34.  Multiple photos
Look What I Can Do!
I did it again but I changed the sketch a little to suit my photos and I slotted the journaling between two of the photos.

Sketch 26
I just love this photo of Jessica.

Hopefully I'll be able to get the rest up tonight.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Finally some pages to share

I've been working on completing at least two layouts a week for a while now. I guess now would be a good time to share with everyone what I have been doing because, a) I have a new camera to be able to take photos of my layouts instead of the one I washed and ruined and b) I have a new screen for my laptop which is now a desktop because I can't get a replacement screen for the laptop just a monitor. Really I have no excuses left but to photograph them and upload so give me a few minutes to photograph them and get them ready.

Here are some of the layouts I created using the sketches from Blue Bazaar bootcamp.
Layout 22:

 Layout 2: EVENT Holiday/travel.
I was good this time I used the sketch and the theme and not just the sketch.

Layout 31:
I've actually created two layouts from this sketch and I'll get around to photographing and uploading the other version. It's amazing how different they look with two different paper ranges. That's what I love about this hobby.

Layout 23:

Layout 1: A Day in Your Life

 The last two layouts use Papermania's Hampstead range. I love the colours in this range.

Thanks for looking.