Sunday, May 12, 2013

30 Interesting Facts about Me

Here are 30 interesting facts about me in no particular order.

  1. My husband still sets my heart-a-flutter after 8 years. I love him dearly.
  2. I often say, “I’m just a mum,” when people ask what I do but I actually think being a good mum is the most important thing I can do and will ever do in my life. I am so proud of my children and all I have done with them. (No, I am not perfect but I do acknowledge my hard work has paid off in many respects.)
  3. I love, I mean love, scrapbooking. It is my stress relief and I wish I could do it all day, every day.
  4. My eldest daughter is more like me than I’d like to admit. I’m not really looking forward to teenage years at all. I’m so sorry Mum.
  5. I enjoy gardening but seem to always kill basil. Surely if you like gardening you wouldn’t be able to kill the most hardy plant in the world.
  6. I started university when I was 16.
  7. I’m actually an Indonesian teacher, one who hasn’t spoken Indonesian in a long, long time but an Indonesian teacher none the less.
  8. We actually wanted a 5th child. We didn’t keep going until we got a boy.
  9. I have a tattoo of a spider on my left ankle. It is in memory of a friend of mine who died when I was 22.
  10. I go bitten by an eel when I was about 10 or 11.
  11. I started teaching when I was 21.
  12. I’m actually very shy despite what most people think.
  13. I met my husband on Valentine’s Day. We were married 11 months later.
  14. I grew up with an outside toilet and shower.
  15. I loved going camping and canoeing as a kid. They are some of my favourite memories.
  16. I became a Catholic at age 26.
  17. I had Ross River Fever as a teenager.
  18. I am proud of what I have achieved in my life so far.
  19. I need neat and tidy to feel relaxed. After 7 years it is something I have not been able to let go of. You would think that after 5 kids I would just let it go and realise it is just not possible with so many kids.
  20. I have very large feet. Size 10 or 11 depending on the make. They are really wide.
  21. I would love to ride horses again.
  22. I have a hand fetish. I like nice looking hands. My husband has nice hands. Mine are very manly hands. I have large palms and very un-elegant fingers.
  23. I lived in Longreach, Queensland for 4 years and I still miss that place after 18 months.
  24. I would love to run every day.
  25. I love bootcamp.
  26. I would love to vacuum every day.
  27. I wanted to be a travel show host when I was a teenager.
  28. My children mean the world to me. I delight in them every day, even on those horrible days. Kevin just has to smile at me and I don’t care he’s been up all night teething. Lisa’s cheeky smile always makes me smile. Hannah is artistic and so good at puzzles. Every day I am astounded by how smart Jessica is. Hollie is such a sweet girl, she’s caring and a wonderful big sister.
  29. I like my house even though it is seriously flawed. I love it’s personality and the good feeling it has. (Sounds a little strange but you know those places you walk into and they feel good? That’s our house.)
  30. I don’t like talking on the phone.

What are some interesting things about you? Do you have a blog you could post them to?


  1. I loved reading this post and i am so glad i am not alone with the neat thing, my head just cant cope with mess, i need order. One strange fact about me is if my husband gets up to go to toilet through the night i actually give the bed a quick tidy LOL i hate messy beds :)

  2. loved this Amity, xxx

  3. Wonderful Amity. Loved reading more about you!


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