Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Using up some scraps

I have had this one for a long time to upload. I really liked this Kaisercraft range. It's papers like these which make me want to have boys. They worked well for Hollie's love of the outdoors. You know me. Just simple pages. I really like it though. I like the orange and the blue. They go so well together. 

These are papers I've had for years. I had some scraps left and thought I might do a page using them. It is roughly based on one of Shimelle's sketches. I can't remember which one to link it so I'll just reference that it was one of hers. 
This was a great day. Hollie's school dressed in pyjamas to raise money. I was a little jealous on this day because I would have loved to spend the day in my PJs. Not such a good look for me though.

Here is the rest of that range I had in scraps. Another really simple page. I love the multiple photo layouts and I love using 4x6' photos. Don't you just love the Martha Stewart punch I've used?

 The story is pretty funny. Hollie and Jessica played Mummies all the time. When Hollie started kindy last year, I became the baby when Hannah was having a sleep. Jessica would make me have a sleep on the couch, bring me water and tell me to get back in bed (Sound familiar?). On this day she went into the kitchen, moved a chair in there too and started to unload the dish drainer. She got most upset that I said she couldn't do it because she thought, and rightly so, that that's what Mums do. She was being the Mum so she had to do the jobs. If only this is the mentality in 10 years time. Oh what am I talking about? It will be the mentality. That's a job for you, Mum.


  1. Cute layout-love the blue and orange colors.

  2. Bet it feels great to be using up scraps. Awesome LO's :)

  3. love that story about mummies, but I have to admit that I thought at first you meant the dead kind wrapped in cloth, LOL

    Love using up stuff I've had around. Good on you!

  4. Lovely layouts, got to love using up scraps, gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Love the MS punch on Mummies. If you find a scrap cleaning fairy can you let me know, cant see my work area either :)


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