Thursday, September 29, 2011

Project Life August photos

I just wanted to update you with some of the photos I have taken for my Project Life 2011. I have been pretty good this year and have only missed a few days worth of photos. In those weeks I have had ample photos to make up for the missed photo. I used Becky’s kit this year and it has made such a difference to the process.

I have recently stamped all the journaling cards until the end of October which has made it even easier. I take out a journaling card at the end of the day when I write my daily journal (yes, crazy I know. I write an account of my day in a lot of detail AND I do Project Life.) and I write the days journaling on the card and know when the photos are printed everything is ready to go. I love it. This year I have included a lot of “other” things in my Project Life and I believe I have now made it a true account of our lives. The “other” things include receipts, pictures by the kids, cards for Kevin and I (the kids cards go into the their scrapbooks), relevant information from the day for example a handout the dentist gave me about my root canal and any other information I feel fits into our lives. You know all those things you keep but really have no designated place to store them or preserve them and they just hang about creating mess and if they are stored in years to come will be completely out of context where they are? That’s what I put in Project Life. I really wish I had started this before marriage and kids. Imagine the insight into my life you would have. I am so excited about this year’s Project Life.

31st Lisa's 8th month photo

31st Playing tea parties with Hannah

30th Lisa showing off her chubba

Painting on the veranda. This was the reward  for Hollie who got all ticks on her job chart. She got the paint and shared the experience with her sisters.

Lisa finally fell asleep in the roundy-roundy. It's only taken her 3 months.

Me after a run.

Hannah wet two sets of clothes at playgroup by playing in the tap. This is how she left playgroup. 

I think this space needs cleaning. Anyone want to clean my scrapping space for me?

Kindy had a bake sale. We all baked to raise money for the kindy. 

My contribution to the bake sale. Yummy lemon icing on those patty cakes. So delicious.

Hannah waiting to get out of the car at Playgroup.

I woke up in the morning to find Hannah reading this book to herself.

Hollie playing Auskick.

Hannah at Auskick

Hollie's bags on a Monday. She has her school bag, her Auskick bag and her library bag. A lot of bags for a 5 year old to carry.

Jessica's birthday party

13th Jessica getting a kiss from Daddy on her birthday.

12th Patty cakes at kindy for her birthday.

The Variety Bash came to Longreach. The girls got lots of freebies. Not as many as most thank goodness. 

Cards I made for a swap.

Scrapping goodies from a garage sale.

The high school captains with Kevin at the primary school hall opening 
Jessica's kindy excursion to the sale yards

Hannah and Jessica looking at the cattle. The pen had a lot of calves.

Nana's birthday cake. We usually bake a cake for the family member whose birthday we miss.

Hollie practicing for Auskick.

Kevin made this for the modelling competition. He hand built the cattle dock by drilling holes into the posts, threading wire through the holes and then soldering the wire to the posts. Each post is only 1cm high. Took many, many hours to get it to this point. 

Lisa had a bottle of formula. It made me cry. She still didn't sleep properly so that won't be happening again for a while.

I have kept up-to-date with the journaling. Now I just have to print the photos and put them in the album. I'm so happy with this project. It's probably one of the most important ones I'll do. It is fantastic to look back on.


I appreciate your feedback. Please feel free to ask any questions too and I'll get back to you.