Friday, November 4, 2011

More Kaisercraft Christmas pages

 I have been using the Kaisercraft Christmas range again. Here are 3 pages I’ve created. I’m not so happy with the double page layout but I thought I would share it anyway. What I do like about the double page layout is the photos. Not the quality of the photos but the story behind the photos. These were the first lot of photos taken on my very own camera. My Dad gave me the camera that year for Christmas. How special is that? I remember having to save and save to get the photos printed and to be able to afford a new film. I remember being very careful about the photos I took. Now we snap away willy nilly without a care to how many we take. Often there are far too many photos of the one thing. I guess that is what happens with digital photography but it is also a downside to it too. All these perfect photos and the not so perfect ones deleted. So many photos there are too many to print. Maybe some of the not so perfect photos actually tell the best stories?
The first layout is Kevin's first Christmas. These photos were scanned and printed. I asked his mum to write a story of his first Christmas. I am lucky because she is one of the original scrapbookers. She kept records of everything. I may curse her in her grave when I have to clean out their house but right now it is fantastic. She dug out an old diary and was able to tell me all the details of the day and days surrounding Kevin's first Christmas. I love the stories of people's lives so I am so grateful I have a mother-in-law who recorded so much. 

Have a look at the photo in the double page layout with the pink wall behind us. My Dad’s house was painted pink. The walls were pink, the furniture was pink, the outside was pink. Now you might  be thinking my Dad was a little strange for a having a pink house but it was like that when he bought it. Under the layer of pink was green, then blue, then yellow (I think that is the order it went) and it was that old thick lead paint. Probably so unhealthy to live in. It was a nice house though and the furniture that came with the house was beautiful, under the pink.
I apologise  for not taking a photo of the double page as a double page. I'm going to blame the kids for distracting me or possibly my Mummy brain. 

The wreath is a stamp from the collection.

I cut small designs out of the paper then put them through my Cuttlebug with a sizzix die.


  1. Love the pages- and the kraft background is perfect with that paper line.

  2. Lovely page! I love your little tag banner!

  3. beautiful projects. love all the layers

  4. great job i'm still catching up from last christmas....

  5. Awesome layouts. I love the old photos. And the kraft paper was the perfect background. It looks like you did some misting too??? Lovely! :)


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