Friday, October 26, 2012

Shimelle's starting points

I'm sure by now everyone knows I'm in love with Shimelle's style, her cute voice, her nails, her dedication to scrapbooking and most importantly to me, her dedication to writing down the stories and like me writing a lot. Shimelle has taught me a lot. I am no longer scared of writing on my layouts. My writing isn't as neat or as arty as her BUT I've written down the stories and the memories will live on.

When Shimelle has her starting points on her blog I usually participate but very rarely do I add my linky to her page. If the truth be told I'm just slack. I find her starting points an inspiration. A jumping off point. I'm quickly able to get a page done whereas if I sat down and started to scrap I'd often not be able to start quickly. What's a starting point? It's just the starting layers of a layout, without the photos or any other items. you use the starting points to build your layout and add your embellishments. I love them.

This page was make using the scraps from a Scenic Route kit I have had for years. Most of these pieces I didn't even trim but just added them according to the design of the starting point. 

Here I stamped the June using Technique Tuesday stamp set Twenty Eleven. I like the subtle effect of tone on tone here. Each layer was inked in distress ink. I have only started using the coloured distress inks for edges. Usually it's just brown.

This layout, Nanny, is very special to me. I'm not very happy with the end result but I am happy with the story. I miss my Nanny and am so glad I had the opportunity in her later life to spend so much time with her when she didn't have many family members around her. 

I find these papers, ones with large designs/scenes, very difficult to work with. I just don't know what to do with them. How do you incorporate these designs into your pages? I find I buy them and then don't know how to use them. On this one I added extra strips around the sun using the same paper line.

 This is another special layout to me. It is about my sister and I growing up and how we have maintained our wonderful friendship even though we have had rough times in the relationship and even though we live on opposite sides of the world. It also mentions that I wish this kind of relationship for my daughters. 

This layout only uses 4 different patterned papers. All of the embellishments came in the same Scenic Route collection. 

I have had this layout completed for a very long time. The journaling hasn't been done though. It was such an important story. The story of how I snagged my husband. I didn't want to get it wrong.

Essentially this is only 2 pieces of patterned paper and a few stamps, stickers, chipboard sign and a tag. Very simple but also it is a masculine page so I didn't want to over do it. My darling husband still says there is too much on the layout.

I'm quite happy with this layout. Often I'm not good at mixing collections but I did manage ok here. This is a layout about my Mum starting this street performance group. 
It is another very simple design with the twine, string and washi tape adding most of the embellishment. I think it turned out well. 

Thanks Shimelle for the starting points. It really got me going. I appreciate it. What gets your mojo going? Do you use youtube videos, starting points, sketches, classes to get your mojo going?


  1. You should have the confidence to link up your layouts, I'm sure she'd appreciate your enthusiasm. You sure got a lot done.

  2. Oh, Scenic Route! I loved their papers!! Great group of layouts.

    1. It's a shame they are no longer with us. I too love their papers and found their rub ons to be the best on the market. It's sad they had to go.

  3. Gorgeous layouts! My favorite is the first one. Love all that green!

  4. What a fabulous collection of pages! I love the stick pin behind the flower on the first page, and I think you've put the sun paper to very good use on the nanny page, it looks lovely. I think you've recorder all your stories very well - though I wish I could read them! x

  5. Very pretty!!!! I love the colors of the first one! They are all great though!!!

  6. So many fun pages!! I love that top one with the green background and pink!

  7. These are wonderful! I like them all. It's fun seeing the Scenic Route - my all-time fav.

  8. Great layouts, love all the stories :)

  9. Wow you have been busy. Great layouts Love the colors and that they suit each photo. Great layering.

  10. great layouts!!!! love all the details! I am a new follower!

  11. Great layout! I especially love the fish...I have so many fishermen in my life and for some reason have the HARDEST TIME scrapping them to my style - You have done a fantastic job!
    {am already a follower! ;) }

  12. Fantastic layouts! You have inspired to me start scrapbooking... I need to get a few pages done this weekend!

  13. Lovely layouts! I love how much you were able to get accomplished!

  14. Loving that you are using those starting points and pulling out your vintage "Scenic Route" paper! Thanks for sharing your great layouts!

  15. love your layouts! I like the colored edges. Mine are usually brown too.

  16. Also, thank you for taking the time to check out my blog and leave lots of love on it!!! I appreciate it

  17. Oh wow! You made some gorgeous layouts!


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