Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Project Life 2012

In quite a few forums I frequent there has been discussions on Project Life. More so now than before. I think this is because of all the recent announcements from Becky Higgins. For those of you who don't know I'm a little Project Life obsessed. I think it is such a fantastic way to document your day to day life or get a little bit creative with a fairly simple scrapbook or a let's say a more extravagant photo album. I was always the person whose photo albums didn't need any explanations. They always had notations next to or below the photos so for me scrapbooking and Project Life are just an extension of that.

The kids just adore looking at the photos. I also include a lot of photos the kids have taken.  While the photos aren't always good it is also part of our life story. I try to include a note in the journaling when the kids have taken a photo so we know for future reference. I also like that the photo taking involves them in the Project Life experience.
I found this blog last year and was inspired to create my kids albums using the project life kits. I wanted somewhere to put all those extra photos you take, and are good, and have meaning but you don't have time to scrap. I found the answer. Well I think I've found the answer. The answer is a Project Life kit. One of the problems I have with traditional scrapbooking is that you create all these wonderful pages with very few photos on them and where do you put the other photos of your life or the life of your kids? A few years ago I started putting these excess photos into a traditional photo album but when I got around to wanting to scrapbook them I ended up printing another set OR I left a blank spot in the album where I pulled them out. Now I combine my fancy photo album (Project Life) with my scrapbooking albums and I don't have photos sitting around in boxes, except the photos in boxes from previous years.

This is from Hannah's album She likes to scrapbook too so I include her pages in the album too. This one is about her love of puzzles next to one of my pages for her about her Godfather, Josh.

I have used the patterned paper which matches the Project Life kit to add a background to this sheep Hannah  made at Playgroup.

Often I don't add any embellishments. Here I have added some twine to a journaling card and some doodling to a filler card. 

More artwork with a journaling card attached with washi tape. 

This year I am completing 5 Project Life albums! Yes, that's right 5! I am doing one for each of the kids, except Kevin because I want to work out what I want to do with regards to a baby album for him, and a family album. Call me crazy or call me super smart but either way I've found a system which works for me. I am still able to scrapbook traditionally. These are included directly into the Project Life album and I have somewhere to store all the other photos and stories until I can scrapbook them or I have a perfectly recorded story and the photos and stories won't be lost.

I've added photos from my phone as well as my DSLR. Sometimes I cut the photos down. Sometimes if I have time I will re-size them to print but I'm all about no fuss so I don't want a system which requires me to edit and resize. I don't really have a problem with having to slot a portrait photo into a landscape slot sometimes, or like here often.

I have since converted my sister-in-law who hasn't scrapped in years and was wondering where to start and how she was possibly ever able to catch up. Well I tell you what. I'm caught up. She is now up to date in her daughter's album for her 3rd year and is starting to go back and get photos documented from further back. It is a win-win situation. I love the fact that I don't feel behind. It doesn't take long to write out the cards for the months' photos. I often just grab a card and write a funny little story of the kids which doesn't have a photo to go with it but it was worth documenting. I don't like my handwriting but I use it all the time. I haven't printed any journaling yet. I only hand write which to me saves a lot of time as I can do it on the go. I don't require a computer or a printer. I just love Project Life. I can't praise this system enough.

This is another page in Hannah's album. I added some journaling to explain why I chose this picture to include in her album. This was the first time she had drawn a picture of people with their mouths instead of just an arch for their mouths. She has also distinguished various members of the family by their size and different colours and styles of their hair. These are the Bomber members of the family. (For those of you outside Australia the Bombers are a football team which all other members of the family, except Hannah and I, follow. We are Lions in case you were wondering.) You can see this is where the album ends for the time being. You can see some journaling cards sticking out from the picture. They have already been journaled on and are waiting for photos to be printed.

With my traditional Project Life I have adopted a no-stress approach. I am not caught up on it being a photo a day. I am using the weekly method. Often I have more than 7 photos for the week but sometimes I don't. Sometimes life is too busy and I don't get around to taking out my camera. Sometimes not much happens. On those weeks I just make a shorter spread or print numerous photos from the same event. Of course more often than not I am unable to pick just one photo for the event so it ends up being a larger spread with extra inserts. I have attempted to use a variety of the page protectors but have found it adds to the stress. I don't like having to think about the configuration on the back side so I tend to just stick to design A. I frequently add 6x12 page protectors though, both divided and undivided, as they allow me to add extra photos easily or a school project or an invitation or any other memorabilia.

This is the day my son was born so naturally it required a lot of photos. This is a double page spread of 4x6 slots to  fit in lots of extra photos.

This post lists my top 10 tips for using Project Life and staying up-to-date. Pretty much Project Life can be what ever you want it to be. I don't think you should get bogged down by what the rules are. You make the rules. This is a simple, easy and quick way to scrapbook. Enjoy it.


  1. Found your blog by following your link in a 2P's thread. Great job explaining Project Life! I'm just giving it a go and trying to catch up 2012. So far, I love it!
    I'm including all of my separate pages in my PL album, too.
    All the best - Sharon (in Texas)

  2. Wow, that's a lot of albums! So are the individual albums for your kids just for this year, or are they albums for their entire childhood that you keep adding to?

    1. I've just started doing their Project Life albums like this. I will continue to do it Project Life style in the future with scrapbooking pages included. Their lives up until now have traditional scrapbook albums.

    2. Cool! Will you keep them all in one album per kid, or are you planning a separate album per kid per year? Sorry for all the questions, but I'm intrigued by your approach once my girls are older than their baby books let me document.

    3. Probably a separate album per year but I'll see how much extra stuff they end up with. At the moment there are all kinds of things in there; tickets, paintings, booklets. However I am also concerned that they may not want 18 albums when they leave home so I may have to hold back a bit. In the mean time, I have the money to print photos and enough time to go with this approach so I'm working with this at the moment. In the future it may change.I could probably fit 1.5 years into each album at the rate I'm going but I will just stick to 1 for the time being.

  3. Awesome albums! You are very ambitious for taking on all those albums, but they are amazing. :-)

  4. Hey Amity - love your explanation of Project Life and how it is working for you. You have tempted me to take another look at this system :)

  5. I love the way you included the kids' art projects in your album! Great job!

  6. Everytime I read your posts I want to start PL. I love the artwork you add to your pages. Great idea on putting leftover photo in a PL kit.

  7. You are my hero! 5 albums?! I can't even keep up with 1!

  8. It's great that you've found a system that totally works for you. There's no way I could do 5 PL albums - hats off to you!

  9. Wow! I love your approach, it's such a good idea.

  10. Love how you're doing your PL, and I love that you're including their artwork.

  11. Nice that you include their photos as well!

  12. I have been loving peoples PL layouts. I didn't think I could stay with the project for a year, but I am rethinking it as a xmas gift.


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