Sunday, October 31, 2010

The last lot I think

Layout 16
Title 2nd Honeymoon

Layout 15: Bright Colours
Title: 2nd birthday
Got the theme and the sketch this time.
For some reason I can't post this pic the right way around. Must be something to do with the way i took the photo. Sorry everyone.

Layout 14: Moments Bestfriends
I thought my second honeymoon with my best friend was very fitting for this theme.
Title: Caloundra 2010

Layout 47: Design Creative Edges
Got both the sketch and the theme here too. I really liked this sketch and have had these photos for a few years now waiting to be scrapped.
Title: Cousins

 Sketch 29
Title Practically Perfect

Sketch 48
Title: Tired
Sorry about the orientation again. Can't fix it.

19/50 layouts completed. I'm pretty happy with that effort.
I didn't get the 50 layouts done but I got more done than I would have. It has been great to challenge myself and I love all the sketches too. I can't wait for the next bootcamp next year.
Thanks for stopping by.

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