Sunday, October 31, 2010

Next installment of Bootcamp Layouts

Here is my next installment of Bootcamp layouts.
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Sketch 42
Title: First Santa Photos
I change the sketch a bit but I still kept the image of the tree. I only used one though.

Sketch 43: Floral paper.
Title: Hannah's baptism
Another one that I used the sketch and the theme for. This is Hannah's baptism. She was so small. Not even 5 days old.

Sketch 13: Circles.
Made it with circles on the paper, included the circle from the sketch too.
Title: 2

 The poor 2nd child always misses out. I finally did a page on her 2nd birthday. The other page that goes with this is somewhere in the 1200 photos on the camera. I will try to sort them tonight to get them uploaded.

Sketch 24
Merry Christmas
I had to cut the photo with the presents to make it fit the sketch but I think the cut photo works.

Sketch 33 & 34.  Multiple photos
Look What I Can Do!
I did it again but I changed the sketch a little to suit my photos and I slotted the journaling between two of the photos.

Sketch 26
I just love this photo of Jessica.

Hopefully I'll be able to get the rest up tonight.

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