Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sweet Baby Kit by Becky Higgins

I am including a video of Becky Higgins Sweet Baby kit.  I love this kit because it has everything you need to complete a whole album. I have included pink cardstock from my stash as the background for all the monthly pages. I have prepared the kit and put it in the page protectors so when I have spare time I am able to complete a page, crop photos, get the journaling completed. It is all there ready to go. I just have to do little bits at a time to get it all done. 

I have a special folder on my computer to store the photos of her I want to print for her album. They are also in the main folders. My plan it to have it completed by the time Lisa is 13 months old. As I get more pages finished I'll upload a video to show you my progress. 

Let me know if you'd like any more details about this kit or any other pictures. When I upload the more complete pages I will post photos of the individual pages.


  1. very nicely done i like the photo journaling that slip into the pocket bery nice..

  2. Thanks so much for posting this Amity - just found it on youtube. I would love to see more individual pages when you get to them. I've got the kit, but not being a scrapper I'm a bit hesitant to commit things to pages!

  3. can you get this kit anywhere apart from the scrap and paper shop? i ordered 3 of them back in OCtober 2011 and am still waiting... my new bubby will be here on Monday... and they keep lying to me and telling me they will ship in 2 weeks and then never do.. :(


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