Friday, October 21, 2011

Creating Keepsakes 15 minute layout

I have been going through all of my magazines, taking out the articles, layouts, techniques I'd like to use and throwing the mag to the op shop. It took me a week to do but I have them sorted really well now.
I have one folder for layout designs, one for techniques, one for quick layouts, one for 4x6 layouts, one for page protectors, one for scrap room ideas and another for general scrapping/journaling tips and ideas. I have also added notes on the particular element I like so I don't forget why I cut it out in the first place. I am quite happy with my organisation. I am pleased I managed to toss out so many mags because with the big move coming up I don't want extra things to move.

Here is one of the pages I created from the Creating Keepsakes 15 minute layout section. I can't remember who designed the layout as I have since thrown out the cutting as I won't be using it again. 
The longest part of this process was writing the journaling.

I have recently joined this  forum. I have been lurking and not really participating. It seems like a really active forum with some really good ideas. They have a section called Scrap it Blind where they give you the instructions and you have to create a layout based on those instructions. Here is my take on the instructions.

I quite like the simplicity of this layout. I didn't add the stitching like the instructions said. It is packed away and I didn't feel like getting it out to do. Gosh I hate moving.

The instructions called for an unusual banner made up of stickers and any other items not usually seen in banners. Theses are made from the Scenic Route sticker sheets. 

I like the brightness of this layout. It's a bit unusual for me to use such bright colours in a layout. Do you usually scrap with bright colours? I have trouble matching my photos. What do you do to match you photos to bright papers?


  1. Nice layouts! I did a similar thing with organizing my ideas from all the magazines. I find that I get more scrapping done when everything is organized.

  2. These are both great! I really love that first one! So cute!

  3. Really nice!

    Sorry you hate packing! But just think about the fun you are going to have when you get to unpack and re-discover all of your goodies!!!

  4. Cute! Love the title in the middle!

  5. Great layouts-love that sticker banner, what a clever idea!

  6. Great layouts love the banner with the stickers :)

  7. Great Layouts...Love the colors in Nanny Time

  8. Love the layouts! The stickers and banner are fun. Nice work!

  9. Dear Amity, thank you so much for your kind words and for reaching out to me. I am so glad you visited me and in return I found you, as I have been looking through your blog and you family is so beautiful and your words are full of enthusiasm. LOVE that you try so many challenges/techniques etc.

    Well..yes..I am going through a terrible time at the moment, and am forcing my self to visit people's blogs and get back into scrapping as a way to distract my own self. I gather from your words that you had a similar experience? I hope you are better now. I truly hope that. As for me, I am seeing someone to talk about it because I am, in one word, ...shattered. 95% of the time I am always happy, with a smile on my face and even though I am a deep thinker I don't let it show. But the last couple of weeks..I just have been sad. Thats the only way I can describe how I feel.

    Putting it all out there on my blog is therapeutic, but at the same time I do not want to be this negative person so I am trying to say less there. But hearing so many kind words from people like you really does put a smile on my face.So form the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for taking the time to write to me and I am following your blog now so I can keep up with your wonderful adventures as a mum!! Kind regards to hubby as well. I hope he is OK too. Take good care always..all my love, Nadia.


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